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At Life and Business Solutions we help our clients get the balance correct in LIFE and BUSINESS by providing effective, efficient solutions to take with them into the future. We provide strategies to grow their business ... to feel enthusiastic about their company and where their life will take them. We assist by physically implementing client objectives and quality management systems for a sustainable business platform to achieve growth and stability. We remove the pressure from business owners struggling with time, allowing them to enjoy their LIFE and BUSINESS again.


We aim to comprehensively support a network of recognised professional small to medium businesses along with their environment and communities as well as supporting the various industry associations.


Life and Business Solutions ... LABS ... was established by Sandy Moore in 2009 who has successful and extensive experience working in a range of industries. Sandy identified there was a need for a unique and individual consultancy approach to business issues faced by business owners. LABS can assist with requirements ... small or large ... to assist owners in having a balanced LIFE and BUSINESS scenario. We envisage each of our client’s business activities will develop at a pace they are comfortable with.

OUR values

Our reputation is built upon our ethical approach towards being honest, reliable and responsible for the solutions we provide. We respect and value our client’s business, their staff, their position as a supplier, their suppliers the end consumer, as well as current legislation and best practice.

A successful business is innovative with efficient and uncomplicated operational systems having specific, measurable, realistic and sustainable solutions. This is the platform for increasing revenue, maximising profits and ROI providing for growth of a sustainable company within emerging technologies and business landscapes.

Work is not only about successful outcomes but about the leadership, collaborations,fun and smiles along the way. If everyone in the business shares the same vision thus enjoying their working environment, both Business and Life can be enjoyable. We believe in rewarding our clients for every milestone they reach. So get ready to have fun too!




Business Plan
We assist you to capture the current status and future plans of your company into one document, projecting future opportunities and mapping the financial, operational and marketing strategies to achieve sustainable growth and goals. LABS tools help simplify this critical thinking activity.
Reporting & Analysis
We will compile an appropriate type of data analysis and reporting system for your business needs to make reporting, analysis and growth a simple function for you.
Industry Knowledge
Our industry knowledge enables us to offer successful strategies to deliver results for your business ideas. We actively participate in industry events, debates and initiatives, maintaining current knowledge through academic seminars and professional education opportunities.
Market Knowledge
We can provide you with the information and statistics that are vital to understanding your business opportunities and your customer’s various needs. We effectively position your business’ brand, its products and services as a solution to fill those needs. We guide you through establishing strong, long term relationships with your customers.


We assist you with mastering the sales cycle (from a customer’s perspective with making their purchasing decision) and assist you with closing the sale. The first sales cycle step may be either the customer's perception of a brand or product, or a perception of a need that the product might satisfy, followed by research and evaluation, education and service, all of which are often quite unique and specific to business and industry.
Customer Service
We assist you with the activities designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction, before, during and after engagement or purchase - externally and internally.
Both the description and presentation of your brand, product, idea or event is crucial to entice individuals to buy, support, or approve of it. We assist you with your branding, call to action and overall communication objectives.
Our knowledge and experience provides you time effective solutions for your advertising and communication requirements. We can provide you with data, information and facts towards your advancement of knowledge in relevant market research and analysis.
Sustainability and Profitability Strategies budget
at least7% of gross profit to Marketing.


Your business relies on an organized assembly of resources and procedures united and regulated by interaction or interdependence, to accomplish a set of specific functions in delivering products and services.
Stock Control
Our systems assist you with the method of determining how much stock should be held, how and when to reorder, with the aim of controlling stock holding costs while maintaining efficient operation of the business.
We help you with the processes of obtaining, recording, holding or using information or data which is relevant to carrying out any operation or function of your business.
We assist with your reporting requirements of individual items and business functions for analysis to enable your business' growth and sustainability.


We can assist you with the systems, recording and analysing of the business' numbers as well as the financial status of your business. KPI's and ROI's become the story of your business success and are integral components for reviews and exit strategies.
Through our activities for your company, we improve the performance and management of administration of your business operations. The administrative functions of your business impacts on the implementation of major decisions you may make. Administration is the universal process of organizing your people and your resources efficiently so as to direct activities toward common goals and objectives.
Management Information Systems
This area is a subset of the overall internal controls and functions of your business covering the application of people, documents, technologies, and procedures. It enables business problem solving such as costing a product, service or a business-wide strategy. MIS are distinct from regular information systems in that they are used to analyse other information systems applied in operational activities and evaluating value, cost and time.


Policies & Procedures
We assist with documenting your business environment and your commitment to both employees and customers. Documentation on your business’ policies for operation and the procedures necessary to fulfil the policies, all are pivotal to ensuring the business can operate without the owner.
Staff Hire
We assist you with your recruitment activities and establishing your expectations of staff, what you are going to provide and performance reviews. We understand the importance of employees who share the company’s goals and values, and what is required to build a strong team to promote the company internally and externally.
We can assist in staff and client training. The acquisition of knowledge, skills, and competencies through vocational or practical training is vital to your business and growth.
We can assist you in delivering the facts, skills and ideas either formally or informally for your staff and clients, to enable the best performance and results for your business.
Sustainability and Profitability Strategies budget
2% of payroll to Further Education & Training.


Workplace Health & Safety
Workplace Health & Safety is one of the most crucial responsibilities of a business owner and we help make it easy. It is a cross-disciplinary area which protects the safety, health and welfare of people including family members, employers, customers, suppliers, nearby communities and the public who are impacted by decisions in the workplace environment and events which were unforeseen but are inter-related to the workplace.
Quality Control & Quality Management Systems
We assist you with implementing Quality Management Systems, the measurement techniques used in your day-to-day operational functions to fulfil the requirements for quality products, services, manufacturing regulations and return on investment.
Social & Environmental Strategies
A holistic approach towards supporting your industry, staff family obligations, community, charities and the environment. We can implement your individual vision and strategy as well as evaluate your material usage and manufacturing processes with consideration to the environment for a sustainable business model.